About our Rope Access Solutions.

Trio Access Ltd provides an array of professional cost-effective rope access solutions with discreet methods giving a low impact for your project. Our highly trained and qualified specialists can restore historic buildings and yet update industrial sites often using complex rope access methods.

We undertake many specialists’ structural repairs and restorations at height, including in-depth surveys, reports with specification writing and preconstruction information (PCI) using Rope Access methods which remove the excessive expense of intrusive use of scaffolding. This is achieved through our discrete access methods that are in complete sympathy with the buildings on which we work.

Appreciation of the often-fragile nature of historic buildings that need to age gracefully drives our gentle approach with our unique rigging plans. Due to our very careful methodologies, we have always been able to establish unquestionable anchor points, which have the ability to carry out the project using rope access techniques.

Current conservation and economic conditions mean resourceful and successful companies are continually looking for innovative ways to reduce costs and maintain the status of their buildings.

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Our values

Our experienced and dedicated team are happy to offer their expert advice on how Rope Access can benefit your company.

All daily operations at Trio Access Ltd are directed by qualified professionals to ensure that all assignments are completed on time and to the highest level of safety under the IRATA ICOP regulations and health and safety at work Act 1974.

Trio access Ltd is certified under LOYER, British BS EN standards Act and work at height regulations 2005 for all there working height equipment, rope access is an internationally accepted safe system of work controlled by International Rope access Trade Association.